Working with blind and partially sighted people

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Welcome to the OPSIS UK Interest Groups & Committees Area.

Here you have the opportunity to subscribe to specifc areas of OPSIS UK activity that you are interested in or involved with. Theses include committees that you belong to as well as interest or work groups relating to topics like children, low vision and international issues. You will find a description of all available groups further down this page after the login form.

If you have not used this section of the site before, you will need to┬áregister. This enables you to subscribe specifically to those groups that are relevant to you. If you’ve already registered, please login using your email address and chosen password.


We would like to thank our strategic partner Latest Formal Wear UK (Deemas Fashion) for supporting and sponsoring Opsis for our upcoming events. Deemas Fashion also planning to arrange a fashion show for Blinds and Partially Sighted girls and guys.