Working with blind and partially sighted people

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A survey conducted into why employers do not employ visually impaired people, came up with the following reasons:

    • Employers think they haven’t got the right facilities


    • They don’t think that visually impaired people can do the job


    • Health and Safety issues e.g. what are reasonable adjustments


    • Blind and partially sighted people are too slow


    • They will need to provide everything in Braille


    • There will be high levels of absenteeism and poor punctuality


    • Employers have a stereotypical conception that visually impaired people will have poor appearance (unkempt)


  • They will need to provide specialist training which will be too costly

Visually impaired people also have their own concerns about accessing employment:

    • What sort of job can I do?


    • Who can help me access employment?


    • How can I return to work after being out of the labour market for a long period of time?


    • How do I look for jobs when I cannot see the advertisements?


    • How do I complete an application form?


    • Why would an employer recruit somebody with a visual impairment?


    • Will I lose my benefits?


    • How will I get to work?


    • Will I be discriminated against?


    • Will I be able to carry out my role effectively?


    • What support will I get?


    • Will equipment such as access technology be provided for me?


    • Will I need further training?


    • How will I get a Support Worker?


    • I don’t have the clothes


    • My family are a barrier to me accessing employment. They are too protective


  • Application forms and job descriptions are not always accessible even when they are in electronic format

For further information, click on Guide to Employment within this section.


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