Working with blind and partially sighted people

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It’s your move…

Taking control of your housing options

Take a minute and think about what home means to you

Opsis recognises that you are an individual. Choosing the right housing is a crucial decision and it is about much more than a roof over your head. We all want different things from life and the choices we make about housing are influenced by many factors.

Our local environment is forever changing and we need to constantly adapt to the new challenges these changes present to our lifestyle and mobility. As a result there are times when our current home no longer meets our individual needs and preferences.

Opsis believes that decisions about your housing options should not simply be influenced or restricted by your visual impairment because you will also have other expectations and aspirations.

The information on this site is designed to provide support and guidance and offers some detail about the options available.

For further information, click on Guide to Housing within this section.

We would like to thank our strategic partner Latest Formal Wear UK (Deemas Fashion) for supporting and sponsoring Opsis for our upcoming events. Deemas Fashion also planning to arrange a fashion show for Blinds and Partially Sighted girls and guys.