Working with blind and partially sighted people

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Housing Services – The Opsis Housing Task Group has produced an environmental audit setting a “gold standard” for buildings.

Employment – Opsis, in partnership with others, has developed a number of initiatives to improve support for visually impaired people seeking work. A notable campaign “Out of Work, Out of Sight” took place in 2000.

Colleges – Opsis partners have benefited from working together and have made submissions to the FEFC/Coopers & Lybrand study on fee structures and responded to a number of government consultation documents. Partners developed strategies for providing college leavers access to full and comprehensive information about opportunities available to them, including follow-up services.

Schools – Opsis is committed to raising standards and optimising opportunities for accessing government funding, which supports initiatives to raise standards in schools. Partners have responded to several consultation documents relating to schools’ education and organised seminars to facilitate wider discussion of issues.